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After the recent explosion in the Beirut port just like the many other explosions that have shaken Lebanon, the high-end artiste, Majida Al-Roumi, fears the black fate may be awaiting the country. She suspects Israel for the latest blast and has justified her beliefs in what is contained in the book ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ which she says was given to her by her father when she was a little girl, the title of which is bizarre.

She added she was affected by the book and what her father told her about Zionism – the plan of the Zionists to dominate the world and that the Jews are behind all evil.

Her words are the best instrument of innocence for Lebanon’s politicians. As long as Israel is the reason, and since that country was asking the Lebanese to vote and elect the leaders themselves, generation after generation, what was the fault of Lebanon’s leaders?

It is absurd to give the Jews all this superstitious importance, and the dangerous global conspiratorial role, and then not to believe the story of the leakage of the text of their book.

Whoever puts up such an infernal plan to control the world cannot commit these dangers, and it is really funny to think that they wrote it, as if they belong to another planet, so what is the benefit of the earth and controlling it if their plan succeeds in sabotaging it altogether?

Researchers agree that the book was written by the Russian Tsarist secret service ‘Okhrana’, and was part of a campaign aimed at discrediting them. It was written by intelligence man Matthew Golovinsky (1865-1920) in the early twentieth century. They lied to us about the source of these protocols and many believed them, just as they believed the lie that Israel’s goal is to establish a state from the Euphrates to the Nile, and that the map is hanging in the Knesset. We do not mean here to portray the Jews, and therefore Israel, as a gentle lamb. To the contrary we are the ‘rams’ that believe in everything.

A Palestinian, an Arab or a Muslim do not need such naïve lies to regain their rights, just as Israel’s practices are sufficient to expose its expansionist goals, without depending on the contents of a fabricated book which is also full of myths.

Most of those who believed that the Jewish elders wrote the book would say they heard this from others, and did not even bother to see its cover, and did not benefit financially except for the Arab publishing houses, which contributed to removing the guilt from our shoulders and placing it on the shoulders of the Zionists.

The American industrialist and millionaire Henry Ford (1863-1947), who was known to be anti-Jewish, purchased a quarter of a million copies of the Protocols and distributed them for free. If Zionism had been that strong, as stated in the book, Ford would not have lived close to ninety years, and his empire would have been reduced to ashes.

Friend and reader Khaled Nasser says that parts of the Protocols were stolen from several novels, including Maurice Joly’s ‘Dialogue in Hell’, other parts quoted from of the novels of the Frenchman Alexandre Dumas, and the Ukrainian writer Vadim Skuratovsky in 2001 from his book ‘The Question of the Authorship of The Protocols of the Elder of Zion’ conducted a study that is considered the best method and analysis of the history of the Protocols, refuting everything attributed to its Jewish source, relying on a group of evidences and documents which concludes that the great Russian historian Mikhail Lepekhine, who helped publish it in 1999, after being allowed access to the Russian Tsarist archive.

Our complete impotence is what prompts us to believe such allegations year after year, so there is no explanation for the humiliation of our situation other than blaming frightening external forces.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 13281 times!

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