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Saturday , February 29 2020

Engineer being stopped from giving resignation – Local Transfer

I am currently working as Engineer for a particular company and deployed as contractor for another company. I have resigned from my post and the company I am deployed with is stopping my resignation and has ordered my sponsor company not to release me to the new company I wanted to work with. I am a local hire and they are already my third sponsor. I have worked for two other companies before working with my present sponsor. I have engineering degree as well. I wanted to ask for your advice on what step shall I take in order to obtain release from my present sponsor.

Name withheld

Answer: The company you are deployed with has no powers to stop you from resigning. In a like manner, your sponsor company cannot stop you from joining the new company since you were hired locally. Should you face a problem in transferring your residence as a result of collaboration between your sponsor and the company you are deployed with, we advise that you file a case against your sponsor at the Public Authority for Manpower through the Labour Department in your area.

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