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Monday , December 5 2022

Want to Transfer – Company files closed

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I have been working as an engineer in a very big and reputed company in Kuwait since January 2004 (over 12 years 6 months) on a government visa. Our company has been passing through tremendous financial problem for the last few years.

Due to this financial problem, I, mean almost all the permanent employees of this company did not get salaries for the month of last January, February, May & June 2016.

My work permit and residency/ civil ID also expired on 05-06-2016 and still, my company did not get my new work permit for stamping the new residency.

Now, my company has put my temporary residency for 3 months i.e. valid up to end of this month. I also came to know from our administration that all files have been closed by the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor of Kuwait (Shaun Office).

Under this situation, If, I get a job with a new sponsor in a private or government project, is it possible for me to get a transfer from my present company to the new sponsor under either private or government project during this temporary residency period?.

Kindly, give me the required advice and also provide me the needful procedures so that I shall follow the same.

Name withheld
Answer: Please remember that you can’t transfer to any firm as long as the files of the company remain closed because the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor refuses to accept any transaction related to the company until the “objections”, due to which the files were closed, are removed.

The only way out of this problem is to take the company to court and after hearing the case it is possible that the court may order the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to allow the transfer of residence.

Please remember, however, that even if the court were to issue this order you would be allowed to transfer only to another government project because you are on a government project visa. You can’t transfer to a private firm.

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