Wednesday , September 19 2018

Visit visa for child

Me and my husband are working in Kuwait. My salary is KD 300 and my husband’s salary is KD 110. Can we bring our 3-year-old daughter to Kuwait? Can we convert a visit visa to dependent visa. Can we combine our salaries.

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Answer: You can bring the child to Kuwait on a visit, if you apply for the visa and not your husband. But you will not be able to transfer the visit visa to dependent visa as this can only be done for children who are two years and under.

Even getting a dependent visa for the child will not be possible as husband and wife can’t club their salaries and even if you were allowed to do so you won’t reach the figure of KD 450. The only alternative is to apply to the head of the Immigration Department who has the power to allow you to get the visa, as you are both working in Kuwait, by waiving the requirements.

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