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Saturday , March 28 2020

US Army vows backing to Iraq

Iraqi Army soldiers prepare to leave their base to go on patrol, during Army Day celebrations, in Baghdad, Iraq on Jan 6. The Iraqi Army was activated on Jan 6, 1921 while under British rule. (AP)

BAGHDAD, Jan 6, (KUNA): US Army’s Chief of Staff General Mark Milley has promised continued support to the Iraqi army. In a meeting with his Iraqi counterpart Lieutenant General Othman al-Ghanmi, Milley vowed that the US would continue providing Iraqi army with all logistic assistance to develop its capabilities, a statement by Iraq’s defense ministry reported.

Meanwhile, al-Ghanmi said Iraq has strong and deep-rooted relations with the US. He added that there is continued contacts with American advisers and commanders in Iraq for consultation and coordination on backing combat operations against terrorism. The US support includes training Iraqi troops and developing their capabilities, mainly in the field of safeguarding borders, he said. Hundreds of advisers from the US army are helping Iraq in countering terrorism and training troops.

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