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Transferring visa no 18 – Came to Kuwait 3 months ago

I came to Kuwait 3 months ago and I got my Civil ID 2 months ago. I am on Visa No. 18. Now I have been offered a better job. My sponsor has already given me the transfer. Can I transfer my visa to a new company. I am a degree holder.

Name withheld

Answer: Under the law that pertains now, if you are a university graduate, there is nothing that can stop you transferring to another employer if your sponsor gives you a release. If you however do not get a release you have to work for a year for your employer before your transfer can be sanctioned.

Having given this broad outline, we must stress that, in practical terms things are not as easy as suggested due to the fact that the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has become very strict on this issue.

Things will be made more difficult for you as you have been in the country for just three months and seeking a transfer to another company.

As we pointed out earlier, although the law does not stop you from seeking a transfer with the blessing of your sponsor, PAM and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor take their time to deliberate over each case presented to them.

This however does not prevent you from going forward to present your application for transfer and who knows, you may be likely to go through.

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