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Wednesday , June 29 2022

The search for big secret

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Many things have deteriorated in Kuwait in recent years, including almost every field and sector, leaving nothing that we can be proud of as a nation, and all of this because of the deterioration in education.

Destroying a country in the modern era does not require occupying and sabotaging it, or hitting it with nuclear bombs, but this can be done by disregarding cheating, and the patient will die in the hands of the doctor and the building will collapse on the heads of its occupants, the economy will be shattered, values will collapse and the government administration will be completely destroyed.

 What is really puzzling is that those concerned have not yet realized this and the fact is that all the countries that advanced were credited with their educational systems. The poor educational system is behind all the countries that collapsed and there may be other reasons, but they remain secondary.

Some officials noticed the continuing low level of education, so committees were formed and came out with recommendations followed by others and all ended with nothing, and that was for a reason and known only by a few.

Then other officials came and decided to draw on the expertise and experiences of other countries and the World Bank. They looked closely at the Singaporean experience, and also closely examined the Finnish experience. So many reports were prepared which ended up in drawers of the Ministry to collect dust and the millions of dinars that were spent on the preparations of these reports were lost, the deterioration continues and the reason is only known by a few.

Corona struck us, and the painful reality was revealed even more. A group of citizens who sensed the tragedy of the educational situation took the initiative, away from the government, in an attempt to find a solution to our dangerous backwardness.

A national initiative emerged to reform and develop education with the participation of professors and educators, including Isra Al-Issa, Ohood Al-Asfour, Ali Al-Kandari, Fatima Al-Hashem, Abdullah Al-Failakawi, Ibrahim Al-Houti, and Youssef Al-Mahmeed participated, and in cooperation with a larger group, where they put their ideas and experiences in a book of 156 pages accurately describing the state of education, and they ended with a set of recommendations that were placed at the government’s disposal and consideration.

Upon invitation, I participated in the symposium held by the wonderful group above, with the purpose of explaining its initiative, and I felt pain while reading the anxiety in their eyes and the size of the responsibility they faced and their fear was visible on their faces in case these efforts failed.

 My participation in the symposium was not from an educational standpoint, due to my ignorance of this specialty, but rather from a political standpoint, and this may not be realized by all parties that confronted the educational development process.

 For forty years, the authority allied itself, openly or implicitly, with the Brotherhood, and handed them the reins of education. Over the course of decades, we saw how it appointed liberal education ministers, or those who imitate them in return for empowering partisans from the Brotherhood and the Salafists in education policies and curricula.

 The authority allowed them to control the educational process, which is the teacher, and prevented politicians from approaching their representatives in the ministry or changing them. This happened with all education ministers, except for those who respected themselves and left because they were unable to do anything.

 The policy of appeasement within the National Assembly, and the government’s submission to the demands of the conservative representatives, and the acceptance of the appointment of senior educational leaders according to their wishes without regard for the sabotage and destruction that those appointed by intermediary will cause in the minds of future generations, with the complete absence of any clear and binding educational plan for all and not adjustable.

We conclude and say, repeating what we have previously mentioned and written through dozens of articles and occasions that the great secret of the backwardness of education and the loss of any hope for any educational, cultural, or even economic renaissance lies in the deep influence of religious currents within the state.

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By Ahmad alsarraf