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Teachers seeking rights sue MoE in international courts – Riyadh executes Saudi for killing Kuwaiti citizen

KUWAIT CITY, July 27: Corroborating the news item published on July 14 by Al-Seyassah daily titled ‘Thousands of teachers resort to local and international courts to obtain rights’, several expatriate teachers— including those whose contracts have ended, others still on their jobs, and those filing for resignation have taken the first step to sue the Ministry of Education collectively in The Hague and Geneva.

Sources said the first batch of complaints was filed by 104 expatriate teachers from different nationalities, and the Human Rights Organization in Geneva has received them.

They explained the teachers have taken the step based on what they call human rights abuses resulting from racial discrimination. The teachers lamented their rights — as stated in the items of the contracts signed with the ministry, were not fulfilled.

Sources stressed that additional complaints and lawsuits are on the way. They noted the lawsuits will be presented batches; each batch constituting about 100 cases. They maintained the teachers will never renounce their rights in terms of reduced housing allowance, retroactive enforcement of the housing regulation for female teachers, not forgetting financial and moral damages suffered in the midst of their Kuwaiti counterparts through discrimination.

Meanwhile, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education in the Ministry of Education Fatima Al-Kandari disclosed that school principals completing 30 years in service are excluded from impending reshuffling.

She explained the ministry is contemplating on reshuffling school managers having completed 10 years in the same school to ensure diversity and development. However, there’s no intention to reshuffle heads of departments at various educational zones in order to maintain stability — especially after filling vacancies for supervisory jobs.

Agencies add:

Saudi executed: The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia on Thursday executed Abdul Aziz Masoud Bin Radad Al-Masoudi for killing Ayman Bin Nasser Bi Ibrahim, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

It has been reported that the accused lured Ibrahim, a Kuwaiti-Saudi, into his house where he stabbed the latter in the stomach with a knife and then tied a wire around his neck resulting in his death.  He also burned the corpse of the victim, stole his ATM card and withdrew money from the account.

The accused was referred to the court which sentenced him to death, in addition to a royal decree on his execution.

 4 caught drunk: Three Kuwaitis with a girl were arrested by Hawalli securitymen in South Surra under the influence of alcohol. They were referred to concerned authorities for necessary action, says Al-Seyassah.

Meanwhile, a sergeant major arrested a Kuwaiti citizen in his 20s who intercepted a diplomatic convoy headed for the Embassy of Palestine along the Sixth Ring Road.

The citizen is said to have assaulted the officer after declining to show his identification documents. He was referred to Sulaibiya police station.

Liquor factory busted: Two Asians violating residency law were apprehended by Officers from the Farwaniya Security Command for running a liquor factory in Jleeb Shuyoukh. They seized 40 barrels of the local brew and related equipment, says Al-Seyassah.

Security Chief of Farwaniya Major General Saleh Al-Enezi received a tip-off about the activities of the suspects and formed a team of detectives to verify the information.

Guarded by search and arrest warrant from the Public Prosecution, the officers raided the flat used in manufacturing liquor and arrested the two suspects. They also seized a quantity of materials and tools for brewing the contraband. They were referred to concerned authorities.

Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti citizen high on liquor was taken into custody by Farwaniya Traffic Men. A bottle of imported alcohol was confiscated from him.

Apparently, the officers noticed the erratic manner in which the citizen’s car was moving and stopped him for checking. It was then they discovered he was highly intoxicated.

Drugs with mechanic: An Asian expatriate working as car mechanic was arrested in Shuwaikh Industrial Area by officers from Capital Security Directorate in possession of illicit drugs, says Al-Seyassah.

A security source said officers on a round of the Capital spotted the Asian inside an abandoned vehicle and approached him for checking.  He told the officers he’s a mechanic and they went ahead to conduct a search on him. They recovered illicit drugs and referred him to concerned authorities for necessary action.

Meanwhile, security operatives apprehended a Kuwaiti in Jahra area for playing loud music and disturbing public peace. He was also found in possession of narcotic pills and referred to concerned authorities.

Two caught drunk: Two Kuwaitis, who were under the influence of alcohol, were arrested in Farwaniya with some hashish and three bottles of local alcoholic drinks in their possession, says Al-Seyassah.

While patrolling the area, a team of security officers noticed the suspicious acts of the two Kuwaitis inside a Jeep as they appeared to be intoxicated.  Upon approaching the vehicle, the officers confirmed their suspicion that the two citizens were drunk.  This has prompted the officers to inspect the vehicle thoroughly, resulting in the discovery of the abovementioned items.

The two Kuwaitis were then referred to the Drug Control General Department, along with the confiscated items.

Meanwhile, a Pakistani was arrested in Salmiya with three bags containing drug paraphernalia.  He was referred to the concerned security unit.



By Rana Salem

Al-Seyassah Staff



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