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It takes two to tango

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Ahmad Al-Sarraf

group of the respected personalities has issued the so-called (Reform Initiative and National Consensus) about the upcoming elections to the National Assembly.

The initiative stresses on the importance of the November 2016 elections that confirm resorting to the ballot boxes which represent the people’s will in building political action through democracy.

The initiative also stressed on regional developments and the requirements of security challenges and the various implications of the need to return to the ‘people as the source of authority’ to choose their representatives to express orientations and aspirations and contribute to meet those challenges.

Since the initiative has been the focus of appealing to all parties in the community, first and foremost political power, to save the country from deterioration and pushing it forward.

The initiative stresses these targets have to be achieved by distancing from the ruling family and preventing the political lords from interfering with the elections whether with the use of political money or any other means of influence.

The signatories have also demanded that the government, as the dominant power in the country’s affairs to enforce deterrent measures against violating candidates, whether by banning primaries or bribes.

The bribes are sometimes offered directly and sometimes indirectly through (wasta) and favoritism in the ministries, government agencies and institutions that reinforce societal discontent resulting from the imbalance of justice and equality.

The signatories have also called for the need to address the collapse of values which has come in the form of all sorts of corruption that has pushed Kuwait at the bottom of countries on the list of integrity according to international reports.

They have called on the government to form the Anti-Corruption Commission and said the delay in forming it will mean lack of interest in fighting corruption which will become devastating epidemic.

They have also stressed the importance of enhancing national unity and immunizing the society by casting the ballot for qualified candidates who are capable of uniting the country in the best interest of the country.

They stressed the need to reject the ‘trouble-maker’ MPs and for assigning the senior political positions including the Prime Minister, the deputy prime ministers and the sovereign ministries to the most qualified among the members of the Ruling Family and the sons of the Kuwaiti society as well.

They called on the political authority to support the Cabinet by appointing qualified people in ministerial posts based on experience away from quota system and impartiality.

That is to avoid the repetition of the crises that occurred between the former governments and the former Parliaments. They called on the next Parliament and the new Government to revise the election law which gives one-man one-vote in the light of its practical application.

They have asked for replacing this law with another and to stop creating divisions in society on tribal and sectarian basis and create a homeland more cohesive to face the internal and external risks which threaten the country’s security.

As they say in the West, the political process is like a tango dance, you need the consent of both parties to perform properly. As one of the parties has extended a hand for a good and sound performance it is now the responsibility of the other side to express the same goodwill and readiness to participate in creating a beautiful community which is a dream of all of us.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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