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Indemnity calculation after 3 months notice

I have been working in my company since 15.05.1995 but due to a drop in business the management has decided to close the division. And termination letters dated 25-07- 2016 have been issued to the staff. My question is that, how will I calculate my service indemnity: my basic salary …

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Indemnity calculation for 3 yrs and 1 month of service (Resigned)

I resigned on June 18, 2016 (with a 3-month notice). By the end of my notice period I will have completed 37 months service. So I would like to know what will be my indemnity. My salary is KD 440. Name withheld Answer: We see that you will have completed …

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Indemnity calculation for less then 5 years – Resigned

I would like to ask about the legal calculation of my indemnity. I have been working for this company for the last three and a half years and I have already resigned. My last day of duty was April 31, 2016 and I joined the company on Dec 12, 2012. …

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End of service benefits ( Indemnity & Leave Balance)

I joined my company on 01-1- 1995. I resigned on 20-3-2016 and my last working day was 11-5- 2016. You are kindly requested to calculate my end of service benefits (monthly salary KD 300). Leave with pay I got until June 2013. I asked for a release also but employer …

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I joined my current employer on June 6, 2011. I got a termination notice from the company on 4th April 2016 with the notice period of 3 months (Last date of service as July 3, 2016) due to the contract expiry. Now the company is ready to release me at …

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Indemnity – Working for International company

I am working for an international company in Kuwait for the last 5 years and before that I worked for 5 years for the same company in Saudi Arabia with no interruption of my employment contract except the geographical relocation. I did not receive the termination benefits when I left …

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Final settlement with leave balance

First of all, thanks for all the valuable advice — according to the Kuwait Labor Law — that you have been providing to the readers of the Arab Times. 1) I would like to know which of my allowances will be included in the calculation of my indemnity … the …

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