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‘Confront the radical mind’

Adel Al-Kalbani of Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most controversial clerics in a deeply conservative society. He issued a fatwa in 2010 saying singing and playing musical instruments was not ‘haram’ under the pretext there is nothing mentioned in Islam to prevent it but the fatwa drew opposition …

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Not welcome!

FOLLOWING the imminent defeat of DAESH in Iraq, which is just around the corner, the next step will be to evacuate DAESH members from the land of Syria, which they have contaminated with their gruesome crimes. They took pride over these crimes and openly broadcasted them on social media with …

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DAESH … the unknown exposes the known

ABOUT two years have passed since the launch of the military campaign against DAESH but this terrorist group continues to be a daily source of apprehension for majority of countries in the world, and preoccupation for its security and media agencies. This means that the method used to fight this …

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Wisdom saved Paris from Hitler and ‘ignorance’ destroyed Syria

  GENERAL Philippe Petain, leader of the then French Army, was left with two bitter options — to surrender to the Germans or resist when France was defeated in the Second World War by Germany, and Paris was subsequently destroyed. After hesitating for days, General Philippe Petain decided to surrender …

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Clear-cut message to all – ‘Join world for peace’

During a conference in Herzliya, Israel, in 2013 the former CIA Director James Woolsey stated the West is fighting a ‘third world war’ based on religion. He pointed out on one side there are the religious fanatics — Shiites, Sunnis, who have different concepts about jihad and thereafter. Woolsey said …

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DAESH new Middle East

FOR the past six years, “DAESH” has become a ‘magnet’ wherever it shows its face in the Arab world, and Western countries with Iran continue to interfere militarily under the pretext of ‘fighting terrorism’, while DAESH is left to expand and the countries in question continue to achieve their objectives …

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‘DAESH’ fiction … lies of major countries

SUDDENLY, the world is preoccupied with the so-called ‘DAESH’ organization which managed to occupy, in no time, a large part of Iraq and Syria. It has reached Libya, and it has expanded to Yemen and some African countries. Also, the coalition of more than 60 countries was formed suddenly to …

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Oh our ‘DAESH’, put yourself in her place

WE are dedicating this story to DAESH and their many fans and supporters who live among us with their children, families, friends and relatives in peace and security. The story is about a 23-year old Yazidi woman named Nadia Murad who has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. In December …

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Do you want for your children the destiny of JoJo?!

‘JOJO’ in the title of this article is the British child who appeared on a DAESH video clip last Friday. Along with other children, he was clad in military regalia, pointing guns at head-shaven hostages who wore orange execution clothes. The hostages in the video were identified as Kurdish whom …

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Search for the original ‘DAESH’ in Iran

THE international alliance is intensifying strikes against DAESH and even countries outside the alliance are attacking the terrorist group. Here is Turkey that launched a military campaign against the locations occupied by DAESH in North Syria, hitting two birds with a single stone. While Turkey sends DAESH domination away from …

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