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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 8, (Agencies): The Electronic Crimes Unit in the Criminal Investigations Department has established a database for banned websites which are being used to encourage the young people to engage in terrorist activities under the cover of religion and Islamic Jihad, reports Al-Shahed daily. The department made classifications of suspicious websites which are now on the black list and are being monitored to identify all the people behind them.

Security sources revealed there are approximately 158 websites and blogs being utilized to entice young people to be involved in the activities of terrorist organizations. Sources said most of these websites are being administered outside Kuwait and they are trying hard to attract GCC youths, especially on Twitter and Instagram.

So far, the detectives have arrested a Jordanian residing in the country while communicating through one of these websites where he received certain instructions and information. Meanwhile, the State Security Department has started an extensive investigation on the transfer of KD 51,954 to the account of DAESH.

In a press statement, the Interior Ministry revealed that its Operations Unit received a call from a citizen saying he found an envelope in front of a money exchange office in Da’iya. The citizen revealed the envelope contained a receipt for the transfer of KD 51,954 to the account of the terrorist organization. The citizen handed over the envelope to the State Security officers.

The Cabinet, in its weekly meeting on Monday, expressed its pride for strenuous efforts exerted by security men, mainly Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, aiming to maintain security of the homeland, citizens and residents.

This stresses that the Kuwaiti society is rejecting the “abnormal acts” which run counter to Islam and the country’s values, the Cabinet said. The Cabinet affirmed its resolve to deter everyone seeking to tamper with security and stability of the dear homeland, urging all people to intensify cooperation with security apparatuses to combat any attempt aiming to undermine the country’s security.

Afterwards, the ministers listened to a detailed presentation made by Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al-Sabah on the efforts that led to the arrest of a woman belonging to the so-called Islamic State, which has been designated as a terrorist group.

The woman was planning to commit a “terrorist act” so as to undermine security and stability of Kuwait, he said. The minister noted that the security apparatuses managed to monitor an electronic account run by the accused who entered the country last June.

He added that she communicated with the IS in a certain country through using some tools, affirming that security men are able to uncover terror cells and monitor any “terrorist” plots. He stressed that security personnel will keep a watchful eye on the security and safety of the country and its citizens.

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