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Thursday , October 6 2022

Salary not paid for 4 months – Want to cancel visa and go back to India

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I came to Kuwait in April 2019 from India. I am working in private company. The company has provided me the working visa. I have completed 7 months work in Kuwait. I have not been paid 4 months salary till now. So I plan to cancel the visa and I have informed them to cancel my residence as I am leaving Kuwait. If so, will they pay my pending salary before returning to India? Suppose they say that they will transfer my salary in future after returning to India, what do I need to do for that legally. Please guide me. Note: HR manager told me they will credit my pending salary after going back to my home country. I don’t have belief.

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Answer: As the company has no objection to your return to India, it is a tacit admission that they are in breach of the labor law for the non-payment of your salary for four months. It is our gut feeling that the company is itching to see you leave Kuwait so that they may not have to pay you for the four months you have worked for them. In order not to help the company achieve their diabolic intentions, we advise that you do everything humanly possible to make them pay you what is due to you before you leave the shores of Kuwait. If your attempts fail to move the company, then we suggest that you take the issue to the Public Authority for Manpower and we believe they can compell the company to pay what is due to you. We share your view of not trusting the company on the issue of you leaving Kuwait and they transferring the money into your account after that. On this score, we will add that you leave Kuwait without your four-month salary at your peril.

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