Friday , September 21 2018

Arab Times

Trump says he’d send back Syrians taken in by US; ‘This could be one of the great tactical ploys of all time’

KEENE, New Hampshire, Oct 1, (AP): Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said Wednesday that if he’s elected president he would send back Syrian refugees taken in by the US because they may be Islamic State militants in disguise. The billionaire businessman, who is leading early opinion polls, said during an …

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Jail for migrants who defy expulsion; Hungary warns of instability from crisis

BRUSSELS, Oct 1, (Agencies): European Union countries can imprison migrants who re-enter their territory after being expelled, the EU’s top court ruled on Thursday in a judgment likely to be closely watched across the continent as it struggles to cope with a migration crisis. The European Court of Justice was …

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Anti-India rage grows in Nepal; Supplies dry up

KATHMANDU, Nepal, Oct 1, (AP): Nepal feels like it is being choked. It’s running out of gasoline. Medical supplies are becoming scarce. All because of an unofficial economic blockade imposed by neighboring India from where Nepal gets almost all its essential supplies. Many Nepalese believe that India has been retaliating …

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Indians declare $500m in black money

NEW DELHI, Oct 1, (Agencies): Indians declared $500 million in black money, the government announced Thursday, a fraction of the total amount feared hidden, as a deadline for coughing up assets hidden from the taxman expired. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took power last year pledging to crack down on black …

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Guggenheim transformed by ‘Malala’

LOS ANGELES, Oct 1, (Agencies): Davis Guggenheim has made movies about world leaders (Barack Obama, Al Gore) and rock stars (U2, Jimmy Page, Jack White), but it’s his new film about a girl and her dad that affected him most. Of course, Malala Yousafzai is no ordinary girl. Guggenheim spent …

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Busan fest opens in South Korea; ‘Zubaan’ a rags-to-riches in South Korea

BUSAN, South Korea, Oct 1, (Agencies): Asia’s largest film festival has opened its doors in South Korea. Taiwan’s Hou Hsiao-hsien and other legendary Asian filmmakers are among those celebrating the Busan International Film Festival’s 20th year. Movie stars including Jeon Do-yeon, the winner of the 2007 Cannes Best Actress award, …

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As crude oil wealth dwindles, Saudi weighs cuts to welfare, investment

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, Oct 1, (AP): At a gas station in Saudi Arabia’s second largest city of Jeddah, drivers are fueling up their cars at just 45 cents a gallon — four times less than the price of water. To make that possible, the kingdom spends up to $10.7 billion …

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Iran sanctions lift will boost GCC – Iranian economy expected to grow rapidly

DUBAI, Oct 1: Lifting of Iran sanctions in the future will significantly boost its economy and positively affect the neighbouring GCC economies, especially the UAE. According to speakers at a panel discussion organised by ICAEW’s Corporate Finance Faculty in the UAE, this is due to its solid trading infrastructure. ICAEW …

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Iran ‘invites’ foreign firms – Plans to boost oil industry

TEHRAN, Oct 1, (RTRS): Iran is inviting foreign investors to actively develop its energy industry after sanctions are expected to ease in 2016, under a nuclear deal between Iran and six global powers, deputy Oil Minister Rokneddin Javadi told Reuters on Thursday. “We welcome all oil companies, including the Americans, …

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Kuwait to store ‘crude’ in Egypt’s Arab Petroleum Pipeline Company

CAIRO, Oct 1, (KUNA): Egypt and Kuwait have agreed on storing Kuwait crude oil at the Arab Petroleum Pipeline (Sumed) Company before marketing it to the Mediterranean markets, the Egyptian premiership stated on Wednesday. The announcement was made by the Egyptian Premiership Spokesman Hossam Al-Qawesh in a press statement following …

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