Saturday , November 18 2017

Arab Times

Indian deportee’s ‘wasta’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 15: Acting on a tip-off personnel from the Residence Affairs Department have arrested an Indian, identified as Shaikh Pasha, for entering the country on a forged travel document, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added the suspect was deported twice from the country and the latest was four …

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Kuwaiti firm sues for compensation in projects carried out in Libya

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 15: A court in Southeast France is looking into a case filed by the Kharafi Group of Kuwait to seize or sell the Airbus A340 owned by Gaddafi which is currently sitting on the outskirts of the airport in Southern France, reports Al- Seyassah daily. The lawsuit …

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‘35-40 out of 1,000 women suffer from breast cancer’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 15: Dr Najla Al-Sayed from Sabah Hospital says breast cancer is among the most fatal diseases in Kuwait and is widespread among the women in Kuwait, reports Al-Seyassah daily. On the sidelines of a lecture she delivered at the Conference Center in Al-Sayer Holding Group, she said …

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No reports of harassment, discrimination from Kuwait – AGGRESSION AGAINST NON-MUSLIMS FOCUS OF US RELIGION REPORT

WASHINGTON, Oct 15, (Agencies): The International Religious Freedom Report released by the US Department of State Wednesday showed that much of the aggression against religious minorities around the world stems from groups that identify themselves as Muslim, whether they are attacking a different Islamic sect, or people of a different …

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Bid to arrest expats who follow up affairs of firms they do not work for

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 15: The commercial companies section in the Ministry of Trade’s department of sole proprietorships sought assistance from the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to arrest expatriates who follow up the transactions of companies they do not work for, reports Al-Qabas daily. …

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Domestic workers bureaus ‘targets’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 15: Following the campaigns to boycott certain commodities and fish due to unjustified price hikes, Twitter users have now launched another campaign to boycott domestic workers bureaus due to the unjustified high cost of bringing a domestic worker into the country. Twitter user Ghazi Al- Shabeeb condemned …

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‘Annual tax’ from Kuwaitis with American citizenship totals $20m – 63,000 American expats in Kuwait subjected to FATCA

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 15, (Agencies): With the application of Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) in Kuwait, 6,500 Kuwaitis with American citizenship will have to pay annual tax worth a total of $20 million to the US Treasury. A minimum tax of $ 2,800 is expected from the 200 Kuwaitis …

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MP Dashti rapped for Assad support – ‘Kuwait damaged’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 15: Several parliamentarians have criticized MP Abdulhamid Dashti for damaging Kuwait’s reputation at international forums and supporting the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad by describing him as a prophet and apostle in spite of the fact that he continues to kill his people, displaces them and drives thousands …

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Filipina Maid presumed dead found recuperating in hospital ICU

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 14: A Filipina household service worker (HSW) who fell off the fourth floor of a building in Jabriya and reportedly had died earlier on Facebook turned out to have survived from the fall and is now recovering in the ICU at the Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital. Melirose …

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