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Thursday , August 22 2019

Obama … honor best restored with loyalty

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WHERE is the weak and hesitant America of Obama compared to the era of Eisenhower who ended the tripartite attack on Egypt with one word and made Israel to understand that Washington is the center of global resolution rather than London or Paris that were colonial powers or Moscow of Brezhnev that could not protect its allies at that time?

Where is Washington of today compared to the era of George W. Bush (Sr) whose leadership led an international alliance to liberate Kuwait from one of the most brutal invasions in contemporary history or Bill Clinton’s administration that dragged Serbian war criminals to the International Criminal Court when Bosnia and Herzegovina was in danger of ethnic cleansing? That was the America known by contemporary societies whose leaders chanted ‘God bless America’ due to their efforts to preserve her image in the world, but today, the weakest White House leader forgot that his policy paved the way for springing up of new imperialists while he declared on the United Nations podium that “We see Russia struggling to restore its lost glory by force in a world observing a declining imperialists era”. He even prompted devilish minds to struggle for restoration of the Persian Empire exterminated by the power of Muslim swords.

Instead of making serious contribution to protect the world from Iran’s evil deeds, here he is paving the way for them to continue spreading the virus of terrorism across the globe, which began by opening doors for them to use in Iraq — as the gateway to Syria, while using its knife to monitor people there to spread its tentacles to Yemen, Libya and Lebanon. The hesitant Obama is indecisive.

The White House leader has forgotten that Russia is working hard to restore its glory through devotion to its allies, while Washington is gradually abandoning historical allies and punishing them with series of laws in his era, citing the ban on weapon export against Saudi Arabia — although the kingdom faces one of the worst attacks in contemporary history. In contrast, the US remains generous to Israel, which is armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction. The last of such generosity was $38 billion grant to the Jewish state, which is a clear indication that Israel has the green light to continue violating the rights of Palestinians and massacre them.

Is this the way Obama intends to translate the famous speech he delivered at Cairo University in 2009 concerning new ties between the United States and the Muslim World, or he is stepping up his political concept and belief in punishing moderate entities by pouring more oil in the fire of extremism?

For the past eight years, we have been hearing statements issued by the US Administration on strengthening ties with allies, but we see organized destruction instead, as the US Congress sets out on enacting more laws against allies at a time when fraternity between the US and Iran continues to resonate. On the contrary, Moscow is using airplanes, warships and soldiers to protect its Syrian ally.

Loyalty is the foundation of international relations that is based on honesty other than blackmail or prioritizing temporary interests above historical ties. This is the situation with the current White House Administration whose president is recommended to think deeply about the Arab adage “The moon will not wane until it is complete”. It is clear that Obama has led the American moon to the phase of waning.

Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


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