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Morality first casualty

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

PRAISED be the One who makes similar incidents recur coincidentally, despite differences in details. We might have read, heard or even witnessed a certain event in the past; and after several years, a similar event — different in form but similar in context — occurs with the same concept.

A few years ago, Kuwaitis were preoccupied with what was known at the time as the infamous ‘bribery’ case. As a product of that case, the famous story entitled, “My Mother’s Cupboard,” circulated. I have yet to find out if it was a true story or just a made-up funny story.

It was said that one of those implicated in the ‘bribery’ case was asked during interrogation about the source of the huge sums of money which might be found in his bank accounts. His response was, “If any of that is found, it will be in my mother’s cupboard.”

Definitely, that answer was neither rational nor convincing; although, because it was humorous, the “My Mother’s Cupboard” story went viral along with various versions of it. Nevertheless, most people agreed that it was the joke of the season.

This is how the political world is; it is never serious and any slight, or even unintentional, mistake can be exploited and reproduced to become worthy of circulation. It could be in jest but deep inside, it was a blow below the belt.

It is rare in politics to find politicians with high moral standards and possess the characteristics of statesmen.

Recently, one of the Middle East leaders made strange statements in front of a congregation. As he was talking about himself being from a rich family, he said his fridge contained only water for years.

Naturally, he was either joking or suffering from the poor recommendations of his press advisor, because it is difficult to imagine that his press advisor(s) thought such statement will pass calmly for the ordinary person to believe it and be convinced whenever such strange shenanigans are uttered.

Unfortunately, many Arab politicians used to and continue to disrespect the brains of Arabs. They also deal with the Arab world in a belittling and disdainful manner. When people refrain from talking to them due to political dominance and fear of the unknown, they assume that they have delivered a pressworthy, expressive and acceptable speech.

Disdain of politicians continues to be complicated until people uncover it. With the passing of nights and days, the destiny of such politicians has become similar to that of the victims of the ‘Arab Spring’ and its repercussions.

Twitter: @alzmi1969 (The topic and story is the idea of Talal Al-Juweied)

By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi


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