Thursday , January 18 2018

MoI limits naturalization of ‘bedoun’, vows to apply conditions – ‘No room for negotiations’

KUWAIT CITY, May 6: The Interior Ministry has expressed its reservation and rejects increasing the ceiling on naturalization of bedoun even if it is on the agenda of the National Assembly committee, reports Al-Anba daily.

A parliamentary source said the government during its meetings with the Parliament stressed that it rejects determining the number of bedoun to be naturalized, rejects discussion of this proposal by the National Assembly even if it has the blessing of the majority.

The source pointed out the understanding by the MPs has contributed to creating a state of cooperation between the two sides on deciding the number of people that may be granted citizenship by adding the words “but no more than 4 thousand” so as the government will not reject the draft bill and reach a solution to the case.

Earlier, it had been reported that the Interior Ministry will remain true to its commitment to naturalization of eligible people according to the report issued by the Central System for Remedying the Status of Illegal Residents (CSRSIR) and that 2016 will not see the naturalization of large numbers of stateless people.

It was also reported that people who shall be granted the citizenship would not exceed 300 — children of Kuwaiti mothers, martyrs and military men. The report also said there is no room for negotiations on this issue

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