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Wednesday , July 24 2019

‘Mixed gender’ concert at Jahra resort draws MP condemnation; Call for immediate probe by Info Ministry

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 2: MP Saud Al-Huraiji condemned the mixed concert that was recently held at Jahra Salil Resort, affirming that several irregularities and violations were committed during the concert especially when an Iraqi male singer and a scantily-clothed female singer danced among women and men flagrantly.

Stressing that this event violated the rules and regulations related to concerts in Kuwait, he urged Ministry of Information to launch an immediate investigation and hold the concerned body that organized such an event accountable for the violations committed. MP Al-Huraiji insisted on knowing why a license was issued to allow the mixed concert to be organized even though it is against the norms of the Kuwaiti social and religious traditions and the values of the Kuwaiti people. Describing the event that took place at Salil Resort as “destruction of ethics and values”, he revealed his shock at the moral recklessness practiced by some hotels that go beyond the law and encourage activities that are strange and alien to the Kuwaiti society.

He urged Ministry of Interior to collaborate with Ministry of Information and monitor such questionable practices in the country. MPAl-Huraiji held the management of Jahra Salil Resort responsible for this mixed concert, as a similar concert was organized in the past for an exhibition held by a saloon in Kuwait. He also held Ministry of Information responsible for issuing the licenses for such concerts. He stressed the need for ministers of Interior and Information to apply the law on anyone who violates the regulations allotted for public concerts or breaches public moral values. He insisted that they should take urgent step in holding the hotel accountable and punishing the perpetrators of such acts that violate the law and mar the reputation of the conservative Kuwaiti people.

In another development, MPs Nabeel Al-Fadhel and Saleh Ashour criticized Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (KANCOR) for the announcement it made on social media through which it bid Kuwaiti men and women to participate in a photography contest, stressing that the authority has deviated from its path. Al-Fadhel said sarcastically, “Dear members of Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority, we were pleased to come across your announcement which reflects your interest in arts and your love for beauty depicted through photography.

However, I do not think the law, which was endorsed by His Highness the Amir and passed by the National Assembly, was aimed for you to hold such photography competitions with valuable prizes for the winners”. He clarified, “Either the news about this competition is a lie and the authority must quickly deny such reports, or the authority should stop holding such unnecessary competitions and apologize to Kuwaiti people who had hoped more from the authority than this”. Al-Fadhel stressed that the field of arts and photography has for decades been receiving and will continue to receive support from the concerned governmental body. MP Saleh Ashour also said sarcastically, “It is only now that I realized the responsibilities of Kuwait Anti- Corruption Authority include organizing photography competitions and social activities besides eliminating corruption in the country.”

Meanwhile, MP Majed Mousa Al- Mutairi condemned what he referred as “ongoing Iranian terrorism against the Kingdom of Bahrain through conspiring cells of the Iranian regime”, describing Iran as “The Republic of Terrorism and Evil”. In a press statement, Al-Mutairi said the discovery of an underground bunker containing 5.1 tons of explosives in Bahrain reflects the obvious persistence of Iran’s approach towards Bahrain and the Gulf countries with the aim of destabilizing the region

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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