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Wednesday , November 30 2022

Max price for Filipino domestic workers KD 850 without air ticket

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Indians, Sri Lankans and Nepalis KD 700, African countries KD 500

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: A decision was issued by the Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development Fahd Al-Shariaan to determine the maximum prices for domestic offices to recruit domestic workers without including airfare

The decision stated that without making any discrimination to the provisions of Law No. 69 of 2015, the maximum price for the recruitment of domestic workers from the Philippines is 850 dinars, and from India, Sri Lanka and Nepal 700 dinars. From African countries 500 and the special passport KD 350. No air ticket is included. The decision also stipulates the punishment for those who violates the maximum limit. After a lapse of 6 months the recruitment of workers to be reconsidered.

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