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Majority say prefer fast-food despite knowing its ‘dangers’ – ‘Healthy food too expensive’

 KUWAIT CITY, March 30: In this week’s Arab Times online poll, readers shared the unhealthy food they continue to consume despite knowing it’s dangers to their health and well-being. The majority of respondents shared that they could not give up fast-food for healthy counterparts.

27 percent voters revealed their preference for fast-food despite being aware of its links to obesity and other chronic diseases.

Another 22 percent felt that they consumed soft drink s and energy drinks above average while 14 percent shared that eating processed meat was their main vice.

19 percent of voters relayed their preference for deep-fried foods and 14 percent of voters felt that they indulged their sweet tooth too much, with chocolates and ice creams and 4 percent felt that they struggled to control their consumption of artificially sweetened diet drinks.

Speaking to the Arab Times, one reader shared that his eating choices were a result of economics, “I find healthy food to be too expensive. If you look at all the so-called super-foods that are being marketed today, they come with a hefty price tag.”

Another respondent shared the following view, “Life is short and we don’t know when I time will be up and how it is going to happen. I want to enjoy what I eat, healthy food doesn’t satisfy my appetite.”

A few shared that these days with the deluge of information available on the internet, they were no longer sure about what was healthy anymore, “I can’t tell what is good for my body anymore. Everything seems to be good and bad for you, according to the internet. I think moderation is the key.” Others blamed their hectic lifestyle for their unhealthy choices, “I Work long hours and I don’t have time to prepare my own meals. I usually eat either at a restaurant near my workplace or my residence. I know the food isn’t healthy, but it is convenient.”

“Nothing quenches my thirst like a soda in the Kuwaiti summer. I don’t think this is the effect of advertising alone, but it has just become a habit.” Others shared that it is hard to find healthy options while eating out in Kuwait. “There are a few healthy joints that have opened up but I find them too pricey. While not all restaurant food here is healthy, we prefer our calorie intake to be maximum to get value for our money.”

Another reader shared that switching to a healthy lifestyle, “I used to not pay a lot of attention to what was going into my stomach. But last year, I had a health scare and started paying attention. I have been eating more vegetables and eliminating unhealthy options from my diet. Now I cannot stand the sight of a greasy burger.”

By Cinatra Fernandes Arab Times Staff

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