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Iran throws stones while living in a glass house

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WHENEVER you hear the delirious talk of Iran’s agents in Iraq and the Arab world, as well as their desperate attempts to deny the accusation that Tehran is sponsoring terrorism; the famous adage comes to mind: “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

This regime has been wailing for decades, accusing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of sponsoring terrorism. It has been falsely claiming that such sponsorship led to the emergence of ‘al-Qaeda’ and ‘ISIL’, indicating such groups are propelled by what is known as ‘Wahhabism’ ideology.

Surprisingly, they portray standing up against the Persian expansionism scheme in Bahrain and Yemen as interference in the affairs of these two countries.

They also regard Iranian interference in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon; and massacres committed by the terrorist forces called ‘Revolutionary Guard’ through the ‘Quds Force’, as ways of protecting resistance and retaliating aggression on those nations.

We have been listening to this nonsensical talk for quite some time. It started with the expulsion of Khomeini from Iraq in 1978 when he started what is known as ‘cassette revolution’, during which he instigated Iranians to turn against the Shah regime.

This is despite the fact that Khomeini left Iran after the Shah pardoned him and redeemed him from the death sentence in the 1960s, prompting him to go into exile in Baghdad where he also attempted to instigate Iraqis against the regime even before Saddam Hussein came to power.

After the success of Khomeini’s revolution, the destructive cells working for Iran engaged in a series of bombings in theaters and public areas in Iraq — in vengeance of Iraqis who did not protest against the regime when Saddam Hussein decided to expel Khomeini.

This was followed by events which ignited the eight-year Iraq-Iran war whose repercussions we all know.

The broken disk of accusations hurled at Gulf countries; primarily, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, did not cease throughout the past decades, even after Iran was known to be sheltering leaders of al-Qaeda, and Iraq’s government under Nouri Al-Maliki colluding with ‘ISIL’ to take over the Iraqi city of Mosul together with the military equipment imported by companies close to Al-Maliki in a bid to indirectly support the group.

Throughout this time, Saudi Arabia has been combating every terrorist group and sacrificing on this path in line with international resolutions.

It is difficult to forget the crimes committed by Iranian terrorist cells or agents in Saudi cities Dhahran, Khobar, the eastern area and Makkah; as well as Kuwait and Bahrain. The Mullah regime continued its attempts to accuse Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia, of engaging in terrorism and sponsoring such operations.

In the past four decades, the Mullah regime has been facilitating and fuming with provocative sectarian speech to serve its ideology against other sectarian speech. Terms such as ‘Wahhabist’ and ‘Daeshists’ were used in the defamation campaign in order to counter terms such as ‘rejectionists,’ ‘Magis’ and others which have no relation with religion and Islam.

Both sides are just agents of ignorance and foolishness because they are planting seeds of divisions and feuds in one nation. They do not allow the good ones among the Sunnis and Shias in Iraq, Lebanon and others to extinguish the fire being fueled by Iran whose objective is to implement its expansionism scheme at the expense of Arabs irrespective of their sects.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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