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Wednesday , August 17 2022

Hired from abroad for Asst. Manager and given a job of a supervisor in Kuwait in a fast food restaurant

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I really need immediate advice. I have been working in a fast food restaurant (private sector) for 6 months. I was hired through an agency in my country.

My problems are as follows.

1. When I arrived in Kuwait I signed contract with the company stating my position as assistant manager and a salary of KD 200 with free accommodation, duty meal, and transportation. My problem is that during my fifth month my operation manager evaluated me, on my training, in the store. Based on his evaluation I am not capable of my position as assistant manager and his verdict demoted me from assistant manager to supervisor. Not only that, my salary now from KD 200 will be KD 170.

Actually he gave me two choices either KD 150 plus free accommodation or KD 170 and live out (living outside company accommodation).

Can I ask for a release or transfer to other company?

I am really disappointed. I’ve been working in the fast food industry before as an assistant manager and how come I’m not qualified. It seems that my rights are being violated. What would be the best solution?. I’m afraid that if I go to the Labor Office maybe I could be sent home.

I really need your legal advice.

Name withheld
Answer: You can’t take a release because you were hired from abroad and can get a release only after three years. You can only go to the Labor Office because the Kuwait Labor Law clearly says that the salary can’t be decreased under any circumstances but then, as you also said, you run the risk of being fired from your job and sent home.

It is totally up to you. If you can prove that your rights have been violated, only then can the company be sanctioned and you given a release.

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