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Hezbollah, a history of assassinations and purge

THE Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) in the International Criminal Court will soon complete its tasks concerning the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri.  This is after perusing about 300 indictment documents and listening to 300 witnesses of the crime of the era.

With this, the circle has been closed for the culprits and their master Hassan Nasrallah – the gang leader of Hezbollah.  This will end decades of impunity for crimes committed by the gang in Lebanon, Arab world and the entire world.

It is true that the tribunal was established based on Article Seven of the United Nations Charter after the assassination of Hariri; but it later incorporated other crimes like the assassination of Marwan Hamada, George Hawi and Jubran Tuweini.

Other crimes have been excluded despite Hezbollah’s clear footprints on each of them.  These crimes include the assassination of Lebanese intellectual Hussein Marwa in the 1980s, university lecturer Mahdi Amel and others; as well as the kidnapping of several foreigners, demanding for ransom from their countries, bombing of the Marines headquarters and French forces in West Beirut in 1983, and the killing of about 350 people in these operations.

All these crimes passed without punishment, because the game of Lebanese political settlements and the region has yet to reach the stage of stopping the series of nightmares.  In fact, they made Hezbollah gang rise to power through the sham Parliament elections since 2000 or the government.

All this happened through the threat and blackmail which rendered Lebanon weak and transformed it into their farm.  This is because the decision maker does not thrive in healthy conditions, in addition to the mafias known as ‘Hezbollah’ who know nothing but that language.

Since the start of the 1990s, several courts in various countries have been ruling against drug smuggling and money laundering networks operated by Hezbollah in Africa, South America and some Arab countries.

Throughout this time, the gang claimed to be a national liberation movement; but the reality and clear pieces of evidence showed that they are just mafias hiding behind the curtain of resistance against Israel which achieved all of its objectives in 2000 and 2006.

This was done through the justification to withdraw from South Lebanon which the group occupied in 1999.  The group even set an appointment to withdraw due to lack of strategic returns for its forces to remain in that area, or by dragging a destructive war in a bid to put Lebanon under the guardianship of the international community through decisions phrased by the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry and endorsed by the International Security Council.

Since 1982 when Tehran announced the establishment of ‘Hezbollah’ through the then Iranian ambassador to Syria Ali Akbar Mohtashmi, the first role of this gang has been to commit terrorist acts in Arab countries under the directives of the Mullahs.

Kuwait has a lion’s share of these heinous acts, starting with the bombing of traditional cafés and the US Embassy.  These acts did not end with attempts to assassinate HH the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad and hijacking civilian planes, as the gang renewed decades of hostility towards Kuwait through what is currently known as ‘Abdally Cell’.

The mafia history of this gang affirms that the disappearance of the accused through physical elimination is not a strange issue, as majority of those involved in the crimes committed by Hezbollah were either killed or disappeared.

Therefore, it is instinctive for Hezbollah to announce the death of the mastermind of Hariri’s assassination known as Mustafa Badar Al-Deen who has also been accused of attempting to assassinate HH the late Amir of Kuwait.  In fact, it is not strange at all in the future to hear that Al-Deen has another nationality and other physical features as a result of cosmetic surgery.

Today, the world knows who killed Hariri; but for the scenario to be complete, it is imperative to know who got rid of the culprits in a bid to lift suspicion from them.  The international community should look into Iran’s intelligence files in order to cuff the planner and beneficiary of these crimes and hold him accountable.

If that does not happen, the world will continue to remain the captive of terrorist blackmail orchestrated by Hezbollah under the directives of its masters in Tehran.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab TImes

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