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Until when Guardian of the Constitution? – We are tired of the flippant ones

O HH the Amir, you said in your elevated speech during the recent opening session of the National Assembly, “I am the guardian of the Constitution and I will not allow it to be infringed. It is the main guarantee, after Almighty Allah, for peace and stability of the nation. Our adherence to the Constitution is firm and our faith in democracy is unshaken.”

We say this loudly: “Yes, yes, yes and a thousand ‘yeses’.” You are the guardian of the Constitution which is the system of rule and a guide for the nation in its course towards prosperity.

It is the Constitution that Kuwaitis have hung their hopes on for the sake of their country which everyone aspires for. Due to this faith of ours, we remind you that there are those amongst us who understood democracy contrary to its actual concept. Because of that, they used it to achieve their personal or factional objectives through all possible means of manipulation.

They did not leave any sin without committing it, starting from striving to infringe the Constitution by deflating its contents, transgression of the governing entity and paralyzing the authority, ending with causing chaos and disability through marches whose objectives were not a secret to anyone.

The country would have gone and disappeared into the unknown if it were not for the grace of Almighty Allah and the wisdom of its leaders who decisively ruled in favor of the welfare of the country and corrected the direction which the Parliament was heading to by issuing the ‘one-vote’ decree which, without any doubt, rescued our country from the adventures of the flippant ones and their exposed political agendas.

Frankly, the misconception of democracy led to crippling of parliamentary practices and importation of a culture that does not conform to our community. In fact, our well-established Kuwaiti culture almost got erased by the culture that political factions imposed on us. These factions strived to destroy the country for it to join the fleet of failed countries.

This imposed culture is based on sectarianism, tribalism and ‘brotherhoodism,’ among other creedal forces which managed to drag several Arab countries into the furnace of internal conflicts. All of them are tailored behind the spitfire, up to a point where they almost made Kuwait an arena for settling regional vendettas which we have nothing to do with.

Throughout the last three decades, we were hopeful that Kuwait would exit the vicious circle to enable the country to move on with sustainable development and become the top model in the region. However, it is unfortunate that the spate of mess under the pretext of democracy has led our economic situation to the bulging long-necked fear of false accusations and character assassination with the intention of blackmailing.

In the past, we used to send the example of development outside, but we are now sitting on the pavement of time watching other countries competing for development while we remain a mere onlooker living in the past glory. Our gigantic projects have fallen victim to negotiations. The northern oil fields were buried in the ash of craftiness to an extent that the national treasury lost almost a billion dollars within the past 10 years.

As for the Dow Chemical project, it was a real disaster leading to loss of $2 billion in the form of fine under the pretext of protecting public funds. All characters behind the issue, in a bid to avoid shouldering responsibility for the problem, justified their action with the right of Parliament to ensure accountability.

This is an absolute replica of foreign investments whose managements have become victims of parliamentary interference. It is done either by imposing their protégés and associates or through failed projects presented by lawmakers to get more benefits.

The social security is not faring better than the investments, because the institution that is supposed to be protecting retirees against hard times has turned from being profitable to loss and deficit due to parliamentary intimidation and interference. The situation is threatening sources of survival for thousands of Kuwaitis.

In the last three decades, Kuwait has transformed socially and economically into a victim of selfish butcher knives using the Parliament as an avenue for sharing live meat. All these have been happening due to ignorant or half-baked lawmakers in control of the Parliament.

Their ignorance has led to the destruction we are now witnessing in all ramifications of development and economy to an extent that every project executed by the government or an agency looks like moving towards the minefield. The ministerial portfolio has also become an epidemic which scares everybody so much that they are avoiding it.

Your Highness the Amir, this painful reality led to the loss of our enviable position in the region. Our civilization and innovative movement have been put under the microscope of doubt and strange courts of inspection. It is more disastrous when personal interests are imposed on those who used to claim liberalism and made them succumb to fake Islamists, prompting them to agree on segregation in universities and other schools.

They doubt everybody, including the intentions and desolation of everyone. All these have led to social concern over the future and fate. The goal was to clampdown on the country and take over all authorities. We all remember when the Brotherhood Movement made waves in the National Assembly and how its lawmakers tried to usurp all prerogatives of the Prime Minister by recommending restriction of government’s foreign aid.

It is a policy that serves the interest of Kuwait’s national security, but those people, based on their connection to the agenda of the international group, planned to strain the relationship of the country with Egypt. This happened when Egyptians punished thieves in the government by opposing support for its economy after the mess caused by the government of villains before the June 30 revolution.

Yes, Your Highness the Amir, we are perfectly sure that you will never allow the Constitution to be touched. We are sure your commitment to the Constitution is firm and your faith in democracy is deep.

In order not to lose Kuwait and the Constitution as well, I beg you to allow us to remind you that suspending the enforcement of some articles of the Constitution has become a must in order to give a chance for a time for contemplation.

We have the best example in 1976 and 1986 when the Parliament was dissolved and a number of the Constitution’s articles were suspended. At the time, Kuwait witnessed amazing development and the law was enforced on everybody, to the extent that traffic was so organized. This happened by putting an end to parliamentary interference in State bodies.

Those raising anti-corruption slogans and protecting public treasure are the ones who spoil the official bodies through their interference. They provide protection for those who violate the law and they practice a sort of terrorism against ministers, pushing them to violate the law such that the cost of their corruption has become much more than corruption itself.

We remember so well the pain of the crucial decision when they opposed the government and accused it of inability to deal with issues, in addition to lack of work plan and spread of corruption in all official bodies. Nevertheless, it is similar to today’s pain in terms of suffering from absence of development and righteous practice of the State administration. They are just looking after their own interests.

Here, we need to emphasize that every revolution raises slogans on combating corruption and protecting public treasure. As soon as the revolution succeeds and takes power, the leaders of the revolution engage in mass corruption and turn the country into a private farm for themselves.

Countries that have been practicing democracy for five or six centuries usually correct the disorder and mend corruption by enforcing the law, not devastating the entire country or planning coup against governance and disrupting ongoing projects as opportunists here are doing.

Tomorrow, when the catastrophe occurs, it will be the MPs who will start to disavow responsibility and put their errors on the government.

So, Your Highness, in order for Kuwait to restore its vivid spirit, do it and shut the door through which the poisonous wind blows over the country. As long as we have a wise and decisive leadership, we will never fear the future which, no doubt, will be more fruitful when the devils of political blackmail are chained.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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