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The five senses asking me

Memories are beyond will power; above the heart, and above emotions. That is why they are unforgettable, Mark Twain (1835-1910).

Few days ago, I was late for a routine appointment, and the thought of being late was disturbing, embarrassing, and unacceptable. As I was heading to my destination, I encountered traffic jam, and lateness became inevitable! Out of frustration, I decided to switch on the radio inside my car. I got stuck while trying to select a radio channel, because I lack experience with the touch screen.

By chance, my index finger touched the screen and I was tuned to a channel playing a song, which I last heard about 15 years ago. I am not exaggerating!

The song was sung by Emirati singer Mehad Hamad and it’s titled “The five senses asking me”. It is up to you, O reader, to imagine how I felt while listening to the song amid frustration and tension of staying in traffic and going late to my appointment.

To my surprise, I had the kind of laughter that induces joy in every nerve of one’s body, which made me forget all the frustration and tension I was going through. How amazing is the creation of Allah the Almighty, as our mood switches in a twinkle of an eye!

Why did I laugh? Well, I laughed for many reasons, some of which I can never reveal in public. The song brought back memories while it was the most popular song in the Gulf over 15 years ago. I believe most Gulf citizens— including myself, have memories about the song in question. I laughed because of an incident that took place at that point in time. We beseech Almighty God to have mercy on the souls of the departed and bless those who are still alive. I laugh at events that happened then, and laugh at the current situation and what lies ahead of us in future.

To be honest, there’s nothing funny about the song. It was the state of affairs that incited my laughter while I was driving along the jammed highway in the absence of patrolmen to regulate traffic. I do not know if the incident is good enough for an article or it’s better to write about politics, especially as I’ve been absent for over one week

However, I know politics is a dirty game, so I ask my cherished readers to pardon me for writing about the five senses, memories and traffic jam that increase stress or I may simply write about the Gulf dispute.

Talking about the Gulf issue, I just remembered a friend of mine who visited my diwaniya. He seemed eager to start a discussion that had no title! I think it’s much better to write about the five senses composed by singer Mehad Hamad than to write an article without a title. I forgot to complete the final line of the song, which says (Today, where are you …. and where I am?)


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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