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Thursday , February 9 2023

Expats ‘reduction’ should be in line with relevant economic study

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KUWAIT CITY, May 23: Consultant for the Higher Committee on Projects Dr Jassem Al-Fahad has said the idea of reducing the number of expatriates should be in line with relevant economic study. He added advanced countries are making use of expatriates to establish economic cities.

Dr Al-Fahad added the Kuwaiti economic plan entails the construction of new cities, which will be residential, investment and commercial in nature operating on a comprehensive investment system. This implies that the cities will be open to residential and investment opportunities the expatriates will be part of.

He hinted the anticipated open area, especially Northern Kuwait, will contribute to restructuring the population and reduce several administrative problems and legal violations to propel the country to achieve ultimate success.

He reaffirmed the country is in a dire need of new vision regarding the labor market. He observed that individuals and companies lack sources of revenue since the government is in control of economic resources, especially oil. He noted no legal mechanism is available for private sector involvement, because the country was not planned in advance for economic activities, while the ancient Kuwait depended on vocations and trade.

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