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Thursday , April 25 2019

Employment for the sake of politicians not the right way

‘Replacement’ should take criterion of performance

KUWAIT CITY, June 4: Politicians have stressed on the importance of taking into account the issue of employment replacement so as not to reflect on the achievements of state institutions, reports Annahar daily. They said employment just for the sake of interest of some politicians and officials will be counterproductive and stressed on the need to take into account the scientific and professional methods.

Former Minister of State for the National Assembly Affairs, Abdul Hadi Al-Saleh pointed out that the necessity imposed some treatments on the state such as the replacement due the lack of employment opportunities.

However, he said, “We should not forget that Kuwait was built by its sons together with the Arab elements which requires some sort of balance in the replacement process.” Al-Saleh said the treatment must take into account some professions carried out by foreign workers which the state needs, therefore the national manpower should not cancel the others and the others should not marginalize the national elements.

In the same context, Dr Ahmed Al-Munayyes affirmed his rejection in principle the term ‘Replacement’, especially if it will be carried out randomly and simply to make way for the citizens or the for the sake of distributing wealth saying it will lead to a state of confusion. He pointed to a set of conditions that should be taken into account in the matter of replacement, foremost of which is the belief that there are specialties that are occupied by expatriates that cannot be dispensed with. He added, replacement should take into account the criterion of performance and achievement with the necessity of commitment to specialization so as not to affect the state sectors.

Professor of political science at the Kuwait University Dr Abdullah Al- Ghanem said the issue of replacement does not apply to organizations and external entities such as the League of Arab States, the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation or even investment offices abroad.

The report said the Kuwait Investment Authority mentioned that the companies owned by Kuwait abroad cannot increase the recruitment of Kuwaitis according to the laws of those countries. For example, the companies in Egypt give 10 percent for foreign employment, and the Kuwait Investment Office in London has 16 Kuwaitis and only one Kuwaiti in China.

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