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Thursday , April 22 2021

Documents required to obtain visit visa for parents

Thanks for the Legal Clinic for providing right opinion. I would like to know the documents required for obtaining visit visa for parents. I heard that to get visit visa one of the documents was birth certificate of applicant. Could you please clarify whether birth certificate is a must or not and if must what is the logic for this requirement as parents name and date of birth of the applicant is available in the passport. Please be informed I have enough salary cap eligibility to bring my parents on visit visa.

Name withheld

Answer: The documents you require to apply for visas for your parents are: You and your wife’s Civil ID copies, the rental agreement, copy of your work permit, passport copies of your parents and an affidavit showing your relationship with them.

This affidavit, in Arabic, should be typed in your embassy from where you have to also get it attested. In addition you have to get the same attested from Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs annexe in Shuwaikh. Attach all these to an application and you will have no difficulty in getting the visit visas.

As regard the request for a birth certificate we must confess that we are not aware of that but won’t be surprised if that is so as sometimes some rules are being implemented without them being made to the public but one is confronted with them at the counter. We are also not in position to determine the logic or otherwise of such requirement. Indeed the implementing authority would be the best to determine that.


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