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Difference in leave salary after increment

I am working for a company in Kuwait. I would like to take your advice on the following. On 15-12-2016, I had paid leave balance 45 days. I took leave from 16-12-2016 to 31-1-2017. In Jan 2017 my company increased my salary by KD 75/- pm. My question is — am I entitled to get difference of salary for my leave days. in Jan, 2017? My company is denying to pay the difference for Jan, 2017. Please guide me. Thanking you.

Name withheld

Answer: Salary increment in the private sector is left to the discretion of the company unless this is specifically written in the contract one signs with the company. In this perspective we will say that you should count yourself lucky to have received a salary increment of KD 75 at a go.

For your information in many companies in Kuwait the only time a worker sees a change is his or her salary is when they are promoted from one position to another. This means that if one stays in a particular company for many years without any promotion, one will be on the same salary for these years. Our advice therefore is that if the company is refusing to give you what you call the difference just let it go and enjoy what you have been given.

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