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‘Diabetic patients should increase water intake while breaking fast’ – Avoid dishes full of fat, sugar in Ramadan: Dr Qais

KUWAIT CITY, June 6: Director of Dasman Diabetes Institute Dr Qais Al-Duwairi affirmed that diabetic patients should increase water consumption while breaking the fast during Ramadan to compensate for fluid lost in the period of fasting, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Dr Qais advised patients to break the fast by consuming sugary food immediately the blood sugar level drops to ensure their safety, even if it’s a few minutes to Maghreb prayer. He admonished diabetics to avoid dishes full of fat and sugar in Ramadan, and encouraged the usual daily exercises. He urged patients to observe siesta in the afternoon, stressing it is reasonable to begin exercising between breakfast and suhur, but it shouldn’t be strenuous. He reminded patients to avoid exercising in the period of fasting and in hot weather.

He indicated fasting for diabetics depends on three factors; amending the dosage of medicine or insulin, controlling their diet (taking note of appropriate meals and regulations), and reducing physical activities. He stressed that fasting is good for patients to shed weight and reduce the rate of body resistance to insulin.

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