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Monday , January 27 2020

Degree holder wants to change from Project visa to Company Visa

Actually I am on a project visa. And a degree holder from India, I would like to change my visa to company visa, is it possible, how can I change it.

Name withheld

Answer: Under current regulations governing transfer of visas, you can transfer only to another government project of the same sponsor or another government project of a different sponsor if the current project has been completed or to the general file of the current sponsor. May we also add that there is a fee of KD 300 for transfer from one government project, on its completion to another government project with a different sponsor.

A transfer to another government project of the same sponsor will attract a fee of KD 200. Another possibility you can take advantage of is to pay a fee of KD 350 to transfer your work permit to the main file of the same sponsor ie., if he has no objection to that under this scenario, you could ultimately, land if the sponsor gives the green light in a private sector company in this way. In short, there is no direct or easy way to changing a project visa to company visa. In addition, having a university degree plays no role in effecting such a change even if it is possible.

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