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‘Daylight murder by expat … high time to adjust population structure’

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“THE crime that an expatriate committed in broad daylight was transmitted live. The expatriate stabbed a police officer just because he was stopped for violating a traffic rule and ordered him to show his documents. The officer worked for the Ahmadi Traffic Department and the incident happened in Abu Halifa. The officer died on the spot but the suspect fl ed the scene of the crime leaving the officer in a pool of blood,” columnist, the general manager of Scope Satellite TV Channel and former MP Talal Al-Saeed wrote for Al-Seyassah daily.

General manager of Scope Satellite TV Channel and former MP Talal Al-Saeed

“Nowadays, this is the situation of the streets of Kuwait. You cannot know the nature of a person standing in front of you. You may be a policeman or a pedestrian so you have to be cautious all the time and expect the worse especially because alcohol and drugs are easily available. “As a matter of fact the martyr, we pray to Almighty Allah to bestow his mercy upon him, certainly died at the hands of an obsessed criminal who was not in his full senses.

“The question here is, isn’t it high time to adjust the population structure before the situation gets worse and street battles become the order of the day? We say this because the crimes committed by expatriates are steadily increasing and closing an eye and giving repeated extension of periods for them to leave the country can be seen in the first place as weakness of the security sector, and we have reached a stage where a traffic police man was killed in cold blood.

“Apart from the above, we suggest we must organize an integrated campaign and recruit all ordinary citizens and military personnel to prevent what is happening. The campaign should he organized under the slogan ‘You have to expect the unexpected’ to avert any imminent and unexpected danger from any crazy person.

“Furthermore, we suggest that the curricula of the Police College should be reviewed and that of the non-commissioned officers in addition to that of Officers College and concentrate on the preventive actions that should be taken by the police prior to the stopping any motorist, given the fact old curricula are no longer valid at the moment.

“We have to expect more victims from the military personnel prior to the amendment of the preventive measures, given the fact that the latter are more important than the amendment of the Infringements Law which the Traffic Department still strives to amend while the policemen face the worst on the streets of Kuwait due to the weakness of the security.”

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