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Civil ID number changed when came back on new visa

I have been living in Kuwait since 2009. On Dec 26, 2017 I had exited the country and came back on a new visa on March 10, 2018.

My company could not complete the residency process on time due to the new NOC rule concerning engineers and they put an extension for one month. That was when I noticed that the Civil ID number on the Article 14 visa put on my passport is different from my old civil ID number.

I have the following queries:

1. Is it possible to change to my old civil ID number? What is the procedure to change my civil ID number from the new civil ID number to the old civil ID number?

2. I have read that the civil ID number remains the same no matter how many times a person exits and re-enters Kuwait. In my case what would have possibly gone wrong since my passport is not changed?

3. Will it affect when I apply for the dependent visa of my wife and baby if the civil ID number is changed?

4. Should I inform my bank about this change in civil ID number?

Name withheld

Answer: As you rightly pointed out through your reading, no matter how many times one exits and reenters Kuwait, the civil ID number remains the same as it is unique to the holder. We can’t give you a definite answer as to why this happened but we can only hazard a guess which is that it might have been a genuine mistake.

If our guess is right then we suggest that you direct your company’s mandoub to the mistake and we believe that he would take up the issue with the concerned authorities to correct the mistake if indeed it is. In the meantime, you can direct your bank’s attention to the anomaly and let them be aware you are taking steps to rectify it.

In the event you don’t get your old civil ID but all your papers are processed with the new ID then that will mean the new ID is genuine and hence, using it to invite your family on dependent visa will not be a problem.

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