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Champion among us holds recreational sports for children with diabetes – Balsam and her team teach youth simple daily exercise routines

Photo taken from the event.
Photo taken from the event.

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 1: The diabetes and thyroid unit for children at the Mubarak Hospital in cooperation with the Diabetes Association organized the first spring camp for the children with diabetes. According to Dr Iman Al-Busairia thyroid consultant for children and the head of the unit at Mubarak Hospital

“We are working to raise awareness among the community and especially amongst the children on how to live with diabetes through a healthy lifestyle. That it is possible for a diabetic child to enjoyhis life and to exercise and participate in his daily activities as normal.

All of this can be done through awareness and training and most importantly through emphasizing the importance of exercise.

 I extend my sincerest gratitude to the champion Balsam Al-Ayoub and to the team of “champion among us” for the wonderful initiative and contribution to the beautiful and training aimed at helping all the children through physical and recreational activity.

The “Champion among us” team taught the youth simple daily exercise routines. The champion Balsam Al-Ayoub taught the children rhythmic exercises. They were also taught the principles of karate with the French champion Celine Vivian Henriette. They were also given a workshop on how to create dolls and how to use certain materials when creating them.

Ms Shaima Hussein the program coordinator: The program aims to achieve long-term goals through the types of programs offered to the youth through the “Champion among us” program.

Furthermore, one of the focuses of the program is to build awareness on the importance of building up a strong social personality as well as teaching the youth the significance and importance of social responsibility.

The champion Balsam Al-Ayoub had launched the program “Champion among us” in August 2015 in cooperation with the Kuwait Sports Club, which won international recognition and nominated for two international awards.

There was also a documentary that was made in regards to this awareness program by the NHK channel in Japan, which had sent a special team to Kuwait to document the program “Champion among us”and the documentary had been aired in October of 2015 and it is 20 minutes long.

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