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Thursday , March 21 2019


Trump deserves a chance

FREE and fair elections are one of democracy’s main pillars as is the smooth and peaceful transfer of power. America has chosen and, whether one …

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Reconsider democracy

IS DEMOCRACY in its old age when diseases that weaken countries increase? This question crossed the minds of political observers after seeing the results of …

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Trump quake

AMERICANS have elected their president, far from the results of opinion polls. The choice was surprising. In fact, it was an ‘earthquake’ as some international …

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O Fintas coast … O Oxford Street!!

I WAS shocked, just like many others, by the level of backwardness and limitation of freedom that continue to slide lower and lower unconsciously, because …

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Clear-cut message to all – ‘Join world for peace’

During a conference in Herzliya, Israel, in 2013 the former CIA Director James Woolsey stated the West is fighting a ‘third world war’ based on …

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The Arab culture crisis

SITTING with intellectual and cultivated people has a unique scent that the soul loves due to the benefits someone can get — whether in literature, …

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Opera, customs, traditions

I think that the image of the building of Kuwait Opera, will soon overtake the image of Kuwait Towers as one of the topmost tourist attractions …

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Keyboard nations wails

Few weeks ago, we saw a hashtag “Express Anger for Aleppo” on Twitter. It was preceded by several other headlines advocating support for Syria and …

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To the candidates: ‘rope of lies’ short

IT IS now clear that we are heading towards an election which is different in form and substance from the previous elections. As it appears, …

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The need for humanity

The world having become a single global village, no country can afford to live in isolation especially after seeing what is happening around them and …

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