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“Cannot go back to square one shutting the airport”

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 10: The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mustafa Reda ruled out government measures to shut down Kuwait Airport as it is becoming a burden on all countries and rarely they resort to it. It is necessary to coexist with the coronavirus

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mustafa Reda

He stated that the spread of coronavirus in Kuwait is because of two reasons, one is that mutations continue. First it was the Delta variant and after that Omicron, as the last mutant, Omicron spread rapidly.  Second reason for the spread is due to non-compliance with precautionary measures such as not wearing masks or adhering to social distancing. 

The matter is worrying and taking required vaccination doses first, second and the booster dose  and adhering to health protocol and avoiding unnecessary traveling protects the health system and avoids imposing undue pressure on health infrastructure.

Regarding the lockdown and curfews he said  “We hope that we will not go back to square one. With a strong health system, we have passed it, everything is on time by taking measures to protect the society.” reports Al Rai. Vaccination does not protect you from getting infected but lowers risk to health, transmission and rate of infection. The current number of infected are under control, cases of ICU and hospital admission are few. 

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