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Wednesday , December 7 2022

2 stories and football match

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These are two inconceivable stories that are almost half a century apart between their fictional events, brought together by a round piece of leather called soccer ball.

The events of the first inconceivable story began when the security authorities revealed that a football player was involved in a scandal of immoral assault on a girl, and the player was referred for investigation and was taken into custody.

The incident of this crime coincided with the imminence of the Kuwaiti national football team traveling, when it was at the height of its glory, to participate in a decisive tournament in a GCC state, and since the player is one of the top players of the team, demands have been made by a group of “honorable people” for his release to represent his country and to achieve victory for his team and then return with the trophy and back to his cell pending his trial.

The “honorable mediators” justified that the matter “will be done in secrecy”, then everyone went to perform the noon prayer with the innocence of the children in their eyes.

As for the events of the following unconceivable story occurred when a police patrol received a complaint about a group of reckless people hunting for birds in a reserve where hunting in forbidden. Upon arrival, the patrolmen found there were five cars and the men were hunting using hunting rifles and their vehicles had no number plates.

The perpetrators got into their vehicles and fled, and after a long and dangerous chase, a vehicle was stopped and it turned out, horrifically, that one of the perpetrators was a police officer and the other a teacher.

The defendants were charged with reckless driving, failure to comply with the police orders to stop and attempting to escape law, intentionally removing the vehicle plates to conceal their identity, hunting for birds in a populated area, hunting illegally, failure to obtain hunting license and verbally abusing patrolmen.

The men were taken into custody, but after about an hour an MP went to the police station and requested their release and after a tug-of-war between the executive authority and the MP of the legislative authority, the latter won and an order was issued to release the defendants without a case registered against them, perhaps after it became clear that whoever was entrusted with protecting the law had a relationship with the ‘football’ as was the case in the first fictional incident and that his father was a electoral manager.

Consequently, it deserved the intervention of influential parties for his benefit and his companion in the crime so that their arrest would not affect the performance of our national football team which was scheduled to meet the England in the World Cup tie in the midst of Ramadan.

Here, too, after the order to cover up the crime was issued, everyone went to perform the noon prayer. The patrol men went with them to perform an additional rak’ah to thank the Lord because they are still alive and were not killed in the accident and they were not arrested, because they risked their lives while performing their duty.

The question: Is it our right to wish a dear and higher authority to intervene to put a happy conclusion to the second inconceivable story especially since our football situation is already hopeless.

Kuwait was traumatized by the crime of a patrolman manning the checkpoint  run-over. Honorable Minister of Interior, what about the culprit? And when will the ministry issue a clear statement that puts an end to gossip?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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