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Release - Transfered under same group

I am have been working in a local company since October 2010 with my first contract for 2 years. I got my Civil ID in February 2011. After finishing my first contract, I signed a new contract they renew my Civil ID for only 1 year under the sponsorship of the same company.

This ID expired in March and then they renewed my Civil ID showing me serving another of the same mother company’s smaller companies. This mother company has a lot of restaurants and coffee shops.

My question is: can I ask for a release? I need your advice to solve my problem.

Name withheld
Please remember that you have been working for the same sponsor since you joined the company from abroad and did not transfer to any another firm during this period. It doesn’t matter if you worked in different establishments of the same mother firm.

This means you have worked for the same sponsor for over three years — the mandatory period that you have to serve with one firm if you are hired from abroad. This means that you have the right to get a release and if the company refuses to give you the release, you can approach the Labor Office in your area.

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