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Toughen penalties on those who assault police officers on duty MP seeks to amend some provisions of Penal Code 16/1960

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 4: MP Nabil Al-Fadel has presented a draft bill to amend some provisions of Penal Code number 16/1960 to impose harsher penalties on those who assault police officers on duty. Al-Fadhil explained the amendment is necessary due to the rising number of reports on police officers being attacked, abused or humiliated while performing their duties. He stressed the need to toughen penalties in order to protect the policemen and enable them to carry out their tasks efficiently, particularly in protecting the State and its people.

Article One of the bill states the second paragraph of Article 134 of law number 16/1960 shall be replaced with the following text: Attacking or abusing members of the Police Force, Army or National Guard is punishable by imprisonment for not less than five years and fine of not less than KD5,000 or any of these penalties.

Article Two states the second and third paragraphs of Article135 of the aforementioned law referred to with the following texts: Article 135, second paragraph: The punishment for attacking or abusing a member of the Police Force shall be imprisonment for not less than 10 years and fine of not less than KD 10,000 or one of these penalties. Article 135, third paragraph: If the assault is on a member of the Police Force while dispersing a mob, meeting, demonstration or gathering with the intent to resist or disrupt his duties; the penalty shall be imprisonment for not less than 15 years and fine of not less than KD15,000. This is without prejudice to any other penalty that the law specifies on any action relating to assault or resistance.

Meanwhile, MP Abdul Hamid Dashti has emphasized the need to look into shortcomings in the fire, security and safety procedures in the refineries of Kuwait National Petroleum Company. He urged the concerned authorities to determine causes of the recent fire incidents and accidents in the company’s refineries, especially since these incidents caused the death and injuries of innocent workers, as well as enormous material losses.

He asked the oil minister to hold accountable those behind these incidents and appoint a competent and experienced deputy in fire, safety and security procedures. He attributed the problem to the appointment of contractual workers who are not trained nor qualified to work in the company’s refineries, lack of supervision due to the compulsory retirement policy and reluctance of nationals to work in the oil sector. He said these factors caused major disruption and exposed the inability of the company’s leadership to hire qualified national workers to replace those referred for retirement

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