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No response emboldens adrenalin junkies MoI blamed for traffic chaos

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 3: Chairperson of the youth volunteer campaign “Until When with the Traffic Jam” Hussein Ashour said the campaign has received many grievances from supporters and followers concerning the slackness of Interior Ministry and lack of swift response by its Operations Department to complaints filed by the public about the traffic menace and violations committed by some road-users inside the neighborhoods.

In a statement, Ashour explained that several reports have been filed on the issue and a citizen in Al-Shaab area said he reported traffic commotion and other violations committed on the streets within the vicinity by some adrenalin junkies who feared no reaction from the relevant department.

He added that recklessness on the road threatens the safety of inhabitants, besides fights that usually break out in such situations. He pointed out that two similar reports were made, but there was no response from the security officers in charge to restore order.

He indicated the negative phenomenon experienced on the inner streets of Al-Shaab is intolerable, in light of the traffic chaos and fights stemming from congestion in the area, where the main roads and inner roads are usually closed to traffic due to hospitals and government institutions located there. Ashour called on all concerned agencies and the Ministry of Interior to assume their responsibilities and deal with the traffic menace created by some members of the public.

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