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Power ... oppression

THE fundamentalists and those affiliated to them are not satisfied with the power they have — power granted or power taken by force. They are never satisfied with what they have and always longing for more. They forget or rather bring themselves to the point of forgetfulness that Almighty Allah ordered Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to invite mankind to the way of Allah with wisdom and good guidelines and better reasoning. 
When our Prophet (PBUH) obeyed the orders from his Lord many people embraced Islam. They embraced this sublime religion not because of its inhibitions, prohibitions, slaughtering people and spreading wickedness on the face of the earth currently practiced by the extremists, radicals and fundamentalists.
Every letter, word and terminology which I have used in this article gives me a lot of pain, but the main topic of this article is about a British businessman who embraced Islam, perfected it and was blessed to marry a noble lady from a noble Muslim family. He is a well-off personality who embraced Islam, the religion of tolerance, of his own free will. He also chose to relocate and live with his family in the land where he found the source of enlightenment in the religion he had embraced. The story or the tough test that this British brother of ours encountered is documented in a 10-second video clip which spread like wildfire on the social networking websites. 
The video shows one of the members of the Committee for Propagation of Virtues and Prevention of Vice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia beating this British businessman who was with his wife in one of the commercial complexes in Riyadh. The clip also shows the wife courageously defending him and screaming at the top of her voice ‘Leave him alone, he is my husband’. According to eyewitnesses who spoke to the Al-Hayat Saudi Arabia’s Sports Daily, Sept 1, 2014 issue the victim is Peter Howard. He was in one of the commercial complexes with his wife when the members of the Committee for Propagation of Virtues and Prevention of Vice began to pursue him in the corridors of the complex.
The reason behind this fundamentalist ‘James Bond style’ chase happened because he was with his wife and in a queue where the cashier was a woman: ‘Why did you choose the queue where the cashier is a woman’? asked the member of this committee. He answered: ‘I am with my wife’. After he left the complex, the eyewitness said, the Briton was fiercely attacked until he fell to the ground. His wife protected him with courage until he managed to get into the car and locked himself in.
The man’s misery did not end here. The members of the committee continued hitting on the window of the car to get him out of the car until someone called the police. Surprisingly, when the police saw the committee’s ‘frightful’ cars they left the place. The man was rescued after the British Embassy sent one of its armored cars and the fundamentalists stopped their attack because ‘the devil knows his lord’. The British Embassy continued guarding the house of this British Muslim until dawn and left when the police arrived and prepared a report on the incident and wrote down the testimonies from eyewitnesses. The police also took the CCTV camera footage from the mall and videos that were made by several eyewitnesses.
The officials of the Committee for Propagation of Virtues and Prevention of Vice in the area promised to investigate the incident to determine the circumstances which led to the incident and so on. We dedicate this story to those whose hearts long for the establishment of a religious state. Several attempts were made in the past by the fundamentalists of this country — the fundamentalists who were trampling on our liberties — to establish a similar committee that we are talking about in this article. However, all that they could do was establish a ‘Negative Phenomenon’ committee, the unofficial replica of DAESH and this proves that if these cavemen of the Stone Age are given the thread and the needle in kind or by force; these gloomy faces of the same coin will not stop opposing and antagonizing anything that is human and tolerant.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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