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India state bans animal sacrifices Practice cruel and barbaric

SHIMLA, India, Sept 2, (AFP): A court in remote northern India has banned a long tradition of sacrificing animals for religious reasons, deeming the practice cruel and “barbaric”. The High Court in Himachal Pradesh has asked police and other officials to enforce its ban on the slaughter of mainly goats in Hindu temples throughout the state. “No person will sacrifice any animal in any place of worship.

It includes adjoining lands and buildings,” the two-judge bench of the court ruled late Monday. “A startling revelation has been made ... thousands of animals are sacrificed every year in the name of worship,” the court said. “Sacrifice causes immense pain and suffering to innocent animals. They cannot be permitted to be sacrificed to appease a god or deity in a barbaric manner,” it said. The court also questioned the reasons for animal sacrifices, saying such rituals “must change in the modern era”.

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