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MP proposes Gulf, Arab center to battle terrorism

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 2: MP Faisal Al-Duwaisan has stressed the need to establish a Gulf or Arab center to eliminate terrorism and drain its resources by taking financial, political and military measures. He voiced objection to the Arabs’ dependence on America and other countries in the West in terms of fighting terrorism as manifested in the experience of Afghanistan.

He urged the Arab countries to take action, adding “we are exposed to terrorism that threatens our region, so we have to be responsible for our own affairs.” In another development, MP Abdul Hamid Dashti has denounced the soaring prices of many commodities, wondering about the role of the Price Monitoring Committee in this regard. He pointed out the minister of Commerce and Industry formed the committee to regulate prices of goods but it seems to be sleeping like the minister who turned a blind eye to the unjustified price hike.

He stressed the need to hold the minister accountable because he has the power to implement the laws on regulating prices and establishment of the National Consumer Protection Committee. He said the Parliament ratified these laws to be added to others which the minister needs to alleviate the suffering of citizens but he failed to do so.

Dashti asked, “It is logical that the price of a box of tomatoes increased by 300 percent and a box of cucumbers by 400 percent, among several other commodities?” He warned against allowing the minister to remain in office as this is tantamount to tolerating the unjustified price hike which should not be accepted by the people of Kuwait. He said it is now time to strictly implement the price control and consumer protection mechanism.

On the other hand, Dashti inquired about the delayed payment of salaries for Bedoun teachers. He asked the minister if it is reasonable to delay the payment of salaries since June despite a decision issued by the Civil Service Commission (CSC). On another issue, MP Khalil Abdullah claimed there is proof that the government does not want to address vital issues like those concerning the development plan, housing and education. He said the first step towards the right track is the removal of ministers who failed to address these problems. He warned there will be tension between the legislative and executive authorities if the current formation of the government remains. He also called for the appointment of a highly qualified minister of Education and Higher Education to guarantee development of the educational sector.

Furthermore, MP Sadoun Hammad Al-Otaibi has unveiled his plan to present a draft bill to include retirees to the beneficiaries of the indemnity package approved earlier. He emphasized the importance of helping these people cope with the rising cost of living. He urged the government to address the issue to ensure justice for all, as well as to realize social and economic objectives for the benefit of retirees.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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