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Editor-in-Chief of the Arab Times Ahmed Al-Jarallah held a lunch banquet at his house in Dar Al-Baeda (Morocco) in honor of Head of Palestinian Olympic Committee
Expatriates facing pressure in providing needs of their families Overwhelmed by fees for education, newborns

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 2: Al-Seyassah daily has interviewed expatriate families to know their financial burdens and ways to meet their daily needs. Most of the household heads complained about the difficulties they face in providing for the needs of their families, especially the children.

They admitted to have entertained thoughts of limiting the number of children which is against the Islamic Sharia or sending their families back home to reduce costs — a phenomenon which might lead to psychological imbalance and unstable family conditions.

They disclosed their suffering starts with the birth of the second child as they have to pay KD 200 to obtain residence permit for this child and those who will be born thereafter, not to mention the increasing fees in private schools and other related expenses.

They also mentioned the unreasonable increase in rental fees and the prices of foodstuff, stressing the low salaries they receive cannot help them overcome the difficulties of daily life even if they work almost 12 hours per day to meet their financial obligations.

They cannot afford the fees for recruiting a housemaid to take care of the children because the wife also needs to work to make ends meet. Meanwhile, some citizens emphasized that expatriates are suffering from financial pressure and nobody pays attention to them although they are major partners in building the Kuwaiti society; hence, their needs should not be neglected.

They disclosed several of their expatriate friends suffer from pressure due to their financial situation despite the fact they came to Kuwait to have a better life.

However, they are overwhelmed by financial obligations like fees for education and newborns. On the other hand, economic experts find it necessary to reduce fees for expatriates as their salaries are low and they are utilized by some private companies which rarely approve requests for salary increment.


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