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Warning letter

I need some clarification on a warning letter issued to me by my company. After working for over 35 years in a company I have been issued a warning letter for no mistake of mine.

Due to some power games in the company, the management issued me this warning letter and forced me to sign it. As we don’t have a proper HR department in the company, there was no one to listen to my pleas.

The warning does not state any specific mistake that I may have committed, rather it only mentions that I have not followed the rules and regulations of the company although there are no specific rules mentioned anywhere.

Can you please clarify the following:

1. Is it correct to give such warning letters without mentioning the specific mistake?

2. For how long does such a warning letter remain valid?

3. If this is not the correct procedure, where do I appeal legally … this is a question of reputation and prestige?

Name withheld
: First of all, all warning letters must be very specific and violations that any employee may have been committed must not be generalized. Secondly, the current Kuwait Labor Law does not address this issue and has not set any time limit for the validity of such warning letters although one year is normally accepted as the validity in the public sector. There is currently no government office that you can approach to tackle warning letters but if you feel your reputation and prestige has been affected you can take the case to court

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