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MPs submit number of queries to Al-Mudej ... grilling possible Appoint lawmakers as ministers: Al-Sane

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 1: MPs Dr Abdulhameed Dashti and Dr Abdullah Al-Turaiji has submitted a number of parliamentary queries to the Deputy Premier, Minister of Commerce and Industry and Acting Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Abdulmohsen Al- Mudej, which indicates the possibility of a grilling request to be submitted at the start of the coming legislative term, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily quoting reliable sources.

They indicated that the minister will be grilled unless a ministerial reshuffle is approved before the upcoming legislative term begins, adding that the lawmakers did not coordinate about the grilling request until recently.

The sources said the minister will seek support from a number of lawmakers to defend him in case a grilling request is submitted against him, stressing that the minister is not afraid of the threats issued by the lawmakers through their press statements. Meanwhile, MP Abdulhameed Dashti accused the minister of showing bias when he removed Dr Sulaiman Arti from the list of candidates for the position of the dean of Theatrical Arts College.

Stressing that Dr Arti was the first nominee for the position, Dr Dashti said the minister succumbed to pressures from a racist consultant who is keen on removing efficient personnel from such positions without any legal justifications. He revealed that such a biased and racist attitude also deprived Dr Ali Haider from being nominated for the position of assistant dean of the same college, which instead went to an individual who was already rejected by the assessment committee because of his low academic level, adding that the minister has persistently been violating several bylaws and regulations in this domain.

In the same context, MP Dr Abdullah Al-Turaiji has submitted a number of parliamentary queries to Al-Mudej regarding recruitments in the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts. He asked the minister about the mechanism that was followed for appointing the dean, the assistant dean and heads of the departments in the institute. He specifically asked the minister about a top official in Ministry of Commerce and Industry who has been practicing commercial business illegally, insisting that public clerks are banned from practicing commercial business as per the laws. MP Al-Turaiji asked the minister if any of the ministry’s top officials are involved in cases including commercial fraud and selling of commodities that are not suitable for human use. He inquired of a plan for manufacturing beverages was shut down because it produced beverages that were not suitable for human consumption.

Regarding the Free Trade Zone, MP Al-Turaiji asked about the rent dues that some companies in Free Trade Zone have not settled so far. He demanded for the list of companies and their owners who have not paid their dues as well as the procedures the concerned authorities took in this regard. In the meantime, MP Yacoub Al- Sane has asked HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak to appoint some lawmakers as ministers to achieve the goal of the popular government as per the demand of the people, reports Al-Qabas daily. He said the elected minister is better than the appointed one as the first is chosen by citizens to represent them in the National Assembly. He also asked the Cabinet to adopt a clear vision in implementing its program. He added that the performance of the government of Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak is good and it has proven its efficiency through the enactment of vital laws. He also appealed to the legislative and executive authorities to bolster their collaboration to achieve political stability in the country, asking the MPs to give the ministers enough time to carry out the policy that the two authorities have laid down earlier.

On the other hand, MP Saleh Ashour urged the government to make positive ministerial changes, handle cases efficiently, and take the necessary action against anyone who wants to harm national security and unity. He said, “We need statements that reassure the citizens and residents on the presence of a strong government, internal united faÁade and a clear plan to confront local or territorial threats.” On the other hand, he demanded for the revision of the Citizenship Law due to a number of loopholes as reflected in the naturalization of certain people to serve political and personal interests. He clarified the item of ‘sublime services’ is not governed by regulations while the law on naturalizing the children of Kuwaiti widows and divorcees, as well as foreign women married to Kuwaitis, must be activated He is against the cancellation of citizenship of the entire family, as it is illogical to strip off the nationality of grandsons who studied and were recruited in the country because of their grandfathers’ mistakes.

Meanwhile, the Parliament during its last session has approved what it called the public private partnership law under which the construction of 9 g o v e r n m e n t schools in different educational zones, including a hostel for teachers and a swimming pool of Olympic standards.

The works are worth KD 60 million, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education at the Ministry of Education Dr Khalid Al-Rashid said an international organization carried out a feasibility study on the project to be run by the private sector for 25 years, while the ministry will pay a specific amount each year.

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