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Doha … where?

BROTHERS in Qatar may have been sure, through evidence, that the other five GCC countries are concerned with their country as much as they are concerned with themselves. They seek to remove impurities in relations without imposing their will or controlling any country in terms of implementing the decision of another country. It is a real reflection of cooperation which is the basis for establishing the council. 

Therefore, Doha should open the door widely, not half-open, to settle any misunderstanding. It should benefit from the experiences of some Gulf countries which were distinguished earlier due to their stances without deviating from the frame of unanimity as they insisted on having one house. The state of being distinguished for these countries was settled whenever they feel exterior threat or if they perceive their stance touches the unity of the council. This is the normal affair handled by any leadership considering the sensitive circumstances, because the Gulf dress can only provide warmth to Qatar and others.
It is true that the old guards in Doha continue to stick with their stances and this might be their right but not to the extent of threatening the collective destiny or even the destiny of the country itself. At certain times, some sons may have been swayed by the spirit of adolescence but returning to rationality remains the foundation. This is what distinguishes people of the one house if any of them feels threat against it or against the remaining members of the family. Accordingly, he gives up his personal dispute and unites with the brothers to face the threat.
Since the beginning of the crisis, the five countries have been highlighting threats to the region. They had previously stressed the need to prevent maneuvers or alliances with groups or parties which are in fact the ‘Trojan Horse’ that carry poisonous heads of spears whose owners aim to stab the GCC countries just to achieve goals which everybody knows.
GCC countries have divergent opinions on certain issues but this has never pushed them to the brink of collapse. They have never regarded such issues as point of division because they normally toe the healthy path to reach a clearer vision for comprehensive solution. This fact is what our brothers in Doha are expected to consider, as they seem to be risking the time factor in making the mirage a reality while fire is moving closer to the house.
Qatar cannot find a better family than the GCC nations which did not shut the door against it while in vexation due to the wisdom of the GCC leaders and commitment of citizens to stand against such a decision. Shutting the door has never been part of the characteristics of GCC countries.  The bond between GCC countries is far stronger than an emergency political interest or desire to look for roles anywhere. They are bound by social, family and blood ties. They have the same fate for several centuries that make it necessary to fight external foes in unison. They have never dropped the idea of unity, although they sometimes hold on to divergent opinions. Our brothers in Qatar probably need this fact to drop the idea of doing the experiment which has already been confirmed to be wrong in Libya, Iraq, Egypt and Yemen. 
The Council of Foreign Affairs, which met in Jeddah, has affirmed that the decisive factor is the end due to the sincerity of purpose. The GCC countries are still extending the olive branch to Qatar. The point here is the realization that croaking outside the flock should not turn into destruction of an area, because such a sound has never delighted anybody in history. The most important step now is for Doha to understand that it has been toeing a wrong path, so it should implement the agreement made in Riyadh earlier. This is the way to open a new page in a single family relationship. Undoubtedly, some men understand the dangers involved, so they will not allow issues to reach a situation whereby regret will be useless.

 By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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