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Don’t put ministries at mercy of Brotherhood members: MP Group threatens existence of regimes in the region

KUWAIT CITY, August 31: MP Faisal Al-Duwaisan has warned the government against putting the ministries at the mercy of Brotherhood members, noting the Brotherhood ascends the ladder of democracy only to destroy the pivots of democracy, reports Al- Watan Arabic daily.

Al-Duwaisan stressed he is against any minister allowing members of the Brotherhood to approach him after establishing the group threatens the existence of regimes in the region and interests of the Arab nations. He stressed the current ministers do not exert much effort to deal with members of the Brotherhood, and warned the government on putting any of their members in the ministries. He reiterated any minister that shelters a Brotherhood member will be held accountable for his action.

He further criticized the government for not renewing the tenure of some competent undersecretaries on the pretext of pumping fresh blood in the ministries although the tenure of some underperforming undersecretaries whom the lawmakers have registered notices against have been renewed.

On the other hand, he disclosed the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee will accomplish its report about government’s proposal to establish a bureau for human rights before the beginning of the upcoming legislative term, reports Al-Jarida daily. He said the government submitted a proposal to the parliament and the lawmakers submitted a similar draft law in 2010.

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