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MP Mayouf queries Al Sabeeh on malpractices of some companies

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 31: MP Abdullah Mayouf has forwarded queries to Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and State Minister for Planning and Development Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh on the malpractices of some companies in the recruitment of expatriate workers. Asserting these malpractices have tainted the image of Kuwait in the international community, the lawmaker asked the minister about the number of companies and institutions which have been referred to the Public Prosecution for involvement in human trafficking.

On another issue, Mayouf inquired about the cause of delay in transferring to the temporary building of the Public Authority for Handicapped Affairs (PAHA) in Hawally, the minister’s role as head of the Higher Council for the Handicapped and amount spent on the building. He also asked for details on the administrative and financial observations and irregularities mentioned in the last two reports of the State Audit Bureau and steps taken to address these issues.

On the government’s development plan, Mayouf asked the minister to provide him with copies of the job performance evaluation of officials whose terms were renewed and those who were not. He also wants to know the criteria for appointment of new officials.

Meanwhile, MP Abdullah Al- Turaiji presented questions to minister of Commerce and Industry and acting minister of Education and Higher Education on several issues including the beverage company accused of selling drinks not fit for human consumption. He asked if arrests have been made in relation to the accusation that a beverage factory is distributing soft drinks not fit for human consumption as per the report of the Ministry of Health, and if any commerce ministry official has taken samples from the factory for second analysis. He inquired if the minister is aware that an official at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is engaged in a commercial activity - a violation of the law which prohibits public employees from having their own business.

He urged the minister to unveil the identity of the official if the allegation is true. He also asked if it is true that another official in the same ministry has committed various violations such as selling expired food products. He wants to know if there is a case pending in court between the commerce ministry and a relative a top ministry official. He asked if any company in the Free Trade Zone has failed to pay their rent on time. If yes, he requested for relevant information like the names of companies and their owners, value of contracts, amount of unpaid rent and steps taken to protect public funds.

On the other hand, MP Abdul-Rahman Al-Jeeran praised the GCC ministerial meeting in Jeddah which resulted in the agreement on Qatar to regain its normal status in the GCC. He urged Arabs not to succumb to the whims of the United States and other countries in the West, indicating people in the Arabian Peninsula have their own set of values and customs. Asked about the anticipated Cabinet reshuffle, Al- Jeeran said this step is necessary as the country needs an independent minister and a decision-maker specialized in the work of his ministry. He also denied allegations that the Parliament has become stagnant, affirming the committees continue to hold meetings, prepare draft bills and visits to European parliaments.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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